Critical Incident Identification Card - Personalised with ID picture

Critical Incident Identification Card - Personalised with ID picture

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Product Code: Critical Incident Identification- Personalised w ID pic
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PERSONALIZED Encoded ID Tags complete with the wearers ID Photo = your perfect partner in you, your workers or your loved ones time of need

They are discrete, yet friendly & easy to use.

Cleverly keeping your personal information private, by encrypting it in its own standalone* QR code.


On the front is a first or preferred name & a picture of something that the tag user can relate too (e.g. for a person who loves dogs, a picture of a dog would be added)

Because this is a Personalised ID tag with added security of a photo ID of the wearer  

This gives you 2 unique opportunities

Number 1 -  to upload the “your choice of picture, to go onto the front of the tag. 

By you choosing the picture for the user, or even involving the person this is for in choosing their own picture, the wearer of the tag can be easily engaged if needed because this particular picture has an emotional attachment in the person’s memory.

Number 2 -  uploading with your order a ID head shot of the wearer to be placed on the reverse of the card next to the QR code


These Tags are ideal for carer’s weekly outings, school excursions, lone workers, truck drivers, agent’s representatives, theme parks, shopping centres trips and even local carnivals and fairs – the list goes on

They can be worn on a lanyard or a retractable holder on a belt, attached to a bag, wheelchair or pram or even an armband for younger children or venerable wearers.


These Tags are made from quality PVC, are waterproof & easy care as dirt & grease wipe off & will last for a significant time.

The only time you need to update is when your information has changed or the tag has been damaged


The details we need to complete your order are:

The name that you want visible & the details that you would like encoded.

If something doesn't apply then leave it blank OR if you need something I haven’t got a list for then fill out in the "Other" space


Postage & Handling:

A flat $5.50 for Registered mail (Track-able with Signature)

Overseas purchases, we are more than happy to send to you.  Please email us for a postage quote

We do not charge handling fees


Schools & Educational, Sporting, Aged & Specialist Care Facilities, Employers etc

We are more than happy to accommodate you & your specific needs. We invite you to please get in touch either by phone or email with us to find out how we can best assist you


QR Code Readers:

We test all the QR codes we create for each & every order with one of these, so make sure you download one of these readers from the Apple or Android stores to your smart device so you can read them too. They are generated to ISO/IEC 18004 version 10 at minimum


(pics of readers from app store logo pics see photos in product description)


Here at QRkids® we guarantee full satisfaction for any customer that visits our online shop. You will find it hard to find a more reliable customer service.

The reason for our success is obvious and simple – we take care about each and every one of you.

When you place your order, our quality control includes individually scanning the newly created QR code a number of times to ensure compliance with our client’s requests before it’s forwarded to you.

All orders are shipped via registered or track-able mail with signature making our security & privacy policies impossible to beat.

Please take time to read our "About Us" to see that we are really all about your safety & security

*Standalone means just that, meaning your QR Code does not rely on anything else to make it work.


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